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8 week program for girls ages 12-15

This is an 8 week program done in a group setting and capped at only 8 participants. 

The group meets twice a week for 8 weeks. 

We will teach them the basics of weightlifting. How to, as well as why, proper form/safety and what exercises work which muscles.

We have a different focus in the weight room each week as well as a portion of each session time set aside for group discussions with different topics each week covering making healthy food choices, body positivity, self confidence, setting healthy boundaries, and how to love yourself. 

This group is led by Danelle who is a mother of 3 with a daughter in this age group as well as many years of experience as a mental health therapist so who better equipped to help guide these girls through this process of confidence and self love. Oh and as if that's not enough she has also competed and won on stage as a figure competitor so the weight room is her second home. 

We look forward to helping transform your young girls into confident, strong, thoughtful and assertive young woman.

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