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Boot Camp Calendar

Class Descriptions
IC - Instructors Choice - Instructor gets to be as creative as they want to be to deliver a wonderfully surprising workout

Total Body - Designed to hit it all, Upper Body and Lower Body weight training as well as Cardio and Abs

Cardio Core- In this class we go back and forth from cardio exercises to Core exercises.

Tabata- using lighter weights but faster and higher reps. Each exercise is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest and is 8 rounds of each exercise.

Speed and Agility - weather permitting we are on the field outside here at the studio running drills such as cone to cone runs, ladders , hurdles, and some fun games such as relay races between groups

Lower Body- All lower body weight training
Upper Body- All Upper body weight training 

Booty Belly and Burn - Weights and cardio- focusing on Glutes , Abs and burning the calories in between those with some short bouts of cardio

OCR - Obstacle Course Race training, Designed to immolate the demands on the body during this type of race, meaning, you have to use strength to get over an obstacle, right? then you have to run to the next obstacle so we designed this to have you do a strength exercise such as 20 bicep curls, then take one lap around the building, come back do 20 push ups then another lap and so on. This is how it trains your body to go back and forth from using strength to using cardiovascular . There are no actual obstacles in this class

Step & Strength - first half of the class is Step choreography and the second half utilizes dumbbells and the matt for strength training.

EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute - we give you a set number of reps for a particular exercise, say 10 bicep curls and you have a full minute to complete it in so we ask that you lift HEAVY this day. So if it only takes you 30 sec to complete your 10 reps then the rest of the 30 second leftover from that minute is rest time then you start again at the top of the next minute with another set of 10 till we've done 5 to 6 sets.

HIIT - High intensity Interval Training. We go back and forth from an exercise that drives the heart rate up high back to one that allows it to lower and keep doing that pattern.

Boxing and Belly - We do shadow boxing moves (but no complicated choreography) and then ab work then back to boxing then back to abs and so on.

Arms and Abs - Just what it sounds like. We work just your bicep , tricep , shoulders and abs during the class

Saturday Classes rotate instructors so check each month to see which instructors are teaching which Saturdays

  List of Instructors

6 am classes Monday - Thursday

9:30 am Mondays
6:00 pm Mondays
8:30 am Tuesdays
9:30 am Wednesdays
9:30 am Fridays

6:00 pm Tuesdays 
8:30 am Thursdays 

6:00 pm Wednesdays
6:00 pm Thursdays

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